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The Middle of Nowhere

by Stephen Brooke

The middle of nowhere: that’s where fifteen-year-old Martin Groves thinks he will be living, when his parent uproot him from his comfortable, narrow life in Atlanta and move to a small coastal Florida town. This is a story of friendship and of floods; it is the story of a young man growing up in The Middle of Nowhere.

A Young Adult Florida novel

6” x 9”, 220 pages, black and white illustrations

PRINT: 14.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-00-4

EPUB:   2.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-02-8

PDF:    2.99

published in 2011

Coast of Spears

by Stephen Brooke

1914. War breaks out in Europe. The Panama Canal opens. Shipping magnate James L. Nathan cruises the South Pacific in his private yacht, 'The Double Lucky.'

Among his guests is jaded society artist, Michael Meleager Malvern, a man who knows success but not satisfaction. A man seeking meaning. A man seeking himself.

A storm. A shipwreck. A strange world.

Cast away, Malvern struggles for both survival and meaning in a savage land, a coast of violence and of love — a COAST OF SPEARS.

This is the first book of the Malvern Trilogy.

6” x 9”, 288 pages

PRINT: 19.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-21-9

EPUB:   2.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-20-2

PDF:    2.99

published in 2015

note: there is some mildly adult content in this novel

Donzalo’s Destiny

by Stephen Brooke

Young Donzalo, scholar and tinkerer, expected an uneventful life. That was not to be, as the plots and ploys of kings and sorcerers, of minstrels and spies, took him from his comfortable existence into a life of heroism and of love, a life of which he could never have dreamed. For Donzalo was a man of destiny, whether he wished it or not!

This fantasy novel includes the four previously-published books of Donzalo’s Destiny: The Song of the Sword, The Shadow of Asak, The Sign of the Arrow, and The Hand of the Sorcerer, and is availble in hardcover and paperback print editions.

6" by 9", 714 pages

Hardcover 44.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-34-9

Paperback 39.99


published in 2016

Hero from the Sea

by Stephen Brooke

Michael Malvern returns from across the mountains, united at last with the woman he loves.

But the homeland of the Mora people is in turmoil. Could he be the prophesied Hero from the Sea, come to restore the kingdom?

All is answered in the third and final novel of the Malvern Trilogy, Hero from the Sea, a fantasy adventure by Stephen Brooke.

6 x 9, 276 pages

PRINT: 19.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-31-8  

EPUB:   2.99

  ISBN: 978-1-937745-30-1

PDF:    2.99

published in 2016

contains some mildly adult content

Valley of Visions

by Stephen Brooke

What lies beyond the mountains?

Castaway Michael Malvern crosses the peaks to search for his kidnapped love and for answers to the riddle of a strange world.

A fantasy adventure novel by Stephen Brooke, VALLEY OF VISIONS is Book 2 of the Malvern Trilogy

6” x 9”, 248 pages,

PRINT: 19.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-29-5

EPUB:   2.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-12-7

PDF:   2.99

published in 2016

The Eyes of the Wind

by Stephen Brooke

Facing pirates, bandits and sorcerers, Saj seeks the four mystic gems known as the Eyes of the Wind.

Accompanied by a wily and mysterious priest, and by the willful young noblewoman who may or may not love him, his quest takes him from the sea to the mountains and into his own soul as Saj becomes aware of the powers that lie within him.

A fantasy novel by Stephen Brooke, set in the world of Donzalo’s Destiny.

6 x 9, 180 pages

PRINT: 16.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-33-2

EPUB:   2.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-32-5

PDF:    2.99

published in 2016

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