The Art of K. Page Brooke

A retrospective of the life and work of artist K. Page Brooke
from Arachis Press

K. Page Brooke

Form, color, concept — the images presented here are the creations of a unique artist, K. Page Brooke (1918-2013).
The Art of K. Page Brooke is a retrospective of her life and work, written, photographed,
and designed by her son, himself an artist and illustrator.

Some images from the book are displayed below. You can right-click the pictures to go to larger images.

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the book

The cover painting is 'Arches' from 1975, casein on board.

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Arizona Road

Oil painting from 1992

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The Train

Oil on canvas, 1994

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Pine by the Lake

Acrylic painting from 1988 

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The Grove

Casein on paper, 1982

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Wild Coast Palms

Oil painting, 1999

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Texas Fields

Oil on canvas, 1989

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Pen and ink, with watercolor, 1999

the Author

Stephen Brooke is an author and artist. He has published novels, children's books, and collections of poetry, as well as this retrospective of his mother's life and art. Stephen lives in an old farmhouse in the Florida Panhandle.
You may learn more at the Stephen Brooke site.

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K. Page Brooke in 1939

Signing her work as K. Page Brooke, the artist was born Mary Katherine Page in 1918. Working in a broadly expressionist vein, Mary had a long and  successful painting career, primarily in Florida. She passed in 2013.

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K. Page Brooke in 2002

About the Book

The Art of K. Page Brooke is available as a 24 page, full-color paperback or as a PDF. Both may be purchased directly from Arachis Press. Published in 2013, the print version has an ISBN identifier of 978-1-937745-07-3

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