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by Stephen Brooke

Every poem is a magic spell, words crafted to entrance, to transform. Illusion and reality mingle in the lines, and none can say which is which, where one ends, where one begins. Nothing here’s real, and nothing is false; these poems are the stuff of dreams and of magic. Magic is a collection of poems from Stephen Brooke.

6 x 9, 67 pages

PRINT: 10.99

 ISBN 978-1-937745-56-1

Published in 2018

A Poet’s Day

by Stephen Brooke

“Having a poet’s day” is a British-ism, meaning to leave work at noon and spend the rest of the day drinking in a pub. The author of this collection does not do such things — he would, of course, take the whole day off. He also invites you to spend this poet’s day in his company. A POET’S DAY is the latest offering of poet Stephen Brooke, from Eggshell Boats.

6 x 9, 74 pages

PRINT: 12.00

 ISBN 978-1-937745-70-7

Published in 2020