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the insolent lad

The Crocodile’s Son

by Stephen Brooke

Qala, once Queen of the Pirates,  had retired, hoping only for a comfortable and peaceful country life for herself and her little demigod son. Any of us might wish for such things. But others had their own plans. The boy’s relatives, an unruly family of deities, felt called upon to meddle in his upbringing — and one might just want him dead. Add to this the politics and intrigues of mortal men and women, and their penchant for falling in love, as well as her old crew who think Qala has hidden treasure somewhere about her estate.

Kidnappings and quests, an adventure through the worlds of gods and of mortals, await Qala in  Book One of The Crocodile Chronicles, THE CROCODILE’S SON.

6" by 9", 204 pages

Print 19.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-42-4

Ebook 2.99


published in 2017

Arrows of Heaven

by Stephen Brooke

The end of every epic is the beginning of another.

Who was Teme? A noble girl, sister to the High King of all the Mora, and of an age to marry appropriately? Yes, she was this, but also a renowned archer, acclaimed by her people as a hero of the recent civil war, named in the epics bards sang across the land.

Warrior or woman? Was it possible to be both? Through intrigues and adventures in the realm of the Mora and beyond, Teme has one quest above all others — to learn who she truly is.

6" by 9", 248 pages

Print 19.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-44-8

Ebook 2.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-45-5

published in 2017

God of Rain

by Stephen Brooke

Hito had tired of war, of knowing he would never be more than the second to the hero Aranu. It was time he sought his own destiny, to leave fighting behind and seek more. Peace, he desired, and a wife and home. If a bit of wealth came his way, too, that was to the better. But was that what he truly sought? Should there not be more?

From the Mora homeland to the jungled valley of the Gurang, from a new life as a trader to that of a Kohari prisoner, condemned to be sacrificed to the Sun Bird, his quest carries him. And does he find love, as well? Perhaps.

In Teva, the God of Rain, must he seek who he is truly meant to be. In the end, it will be Hito himself he finds, in the first novel of a new Mora Trilogy, GOD OF RAIN.

6" by 9", 227 pages

Print 19.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-40-0

Ebook 2.99

  ISBN 978-1-937745-41-7

published in 2017