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Our Titles

Most of our current titles are sold in both print and ebook format at many online retailers of books, as well as being available for order through your local bookstore. All may also be purchased at the Arachis Press Spotlight Store at our distributor’s site, most in Print and EBook editions. If a book doesn’t show up when you browse the store (it does happen), try a search of the title or author.

An alphabetic list of our books. Click on the titles for more information:

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Arachis Press is a small publisher dedicated to providing meaningful literature for all ages. Visit our STORE page or more information, go to our ABOUT and CONTACT pages.

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Arrows of Heaven

The Art of K. Page Brooke


Awful Alvin and Other Peculiar Poems

Coast of Spears

The Contrary Fairy

The Crocodile’s Son

Donzalo’s Destiny

The Eyes of the Wind

God of Rain

The Hand of the Sorcerer

Hero from the Sea

The Jewels of the Elements

The Middle of Nowhere

A Mouse is in the House

The Shadow of Asak


The Sign of the Arrow

The Song of the Sword

Tsar of the Empty Lands

Valley of Visions


Woman of the Sky

NOTE: we have not made up a listing for the most recent (The Jewels of the Elements) as we are in the process of migrating this site to new software. It can, however, be found at our store.

Visit our Eggshell Boats imprint for poetry and other titles

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