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Arachis Press is a small publisher dedicated to providing meaningful literature for all ages.

What is an arachis? Well, it is not the planet in the sci-fi novel, ‘Dune.’ That would be Arrakis. Also, the accent is on the first syllable so it is not pronounced the same. Arachis is actually the scientific name for the peanut, coming from a Greek word meaning a seed. Since we are physically located on Peanut Road and we like the idea of growing things and hope to plant a few seeds with our books, Arachis Press seemed a good choice.

Arachis Press was founded by artist and author Stephen Brooke, who conceived of it originally as a small poetry press. We soon expanded to include novels, nonfiction, and children’s books.

We are not currently taking submissions or looking at manuscripts but that should change soon. Keep tuned!

For more information and for our latest news and deals, visit our blog.

We have found a print-on-demand (POD) approach to work best for a small independent press, and distribute our titles through Lulu Enterprises.

Arachis Press is launching an imprint for poetry and fine literature, Eggshell Boats, with our first offering coming in November 2017

Our mailing address:

Arachis Press

4803 Peanut Road

Graceville FL 32440

Or email us at:

the insolent lad